BFL® Switzerland is an efficient partner in the control of rising damp

Innovative solutions to give an efficient solution to problems with internal damp

We are specialised in the treatment of capillary rise, and market innovative solutions that aid professionals and individuals in solving their problems related to internal damp.

The solutions provided are based on a simple but realistic electrophysical principle: rising moisture is caused by the orientation of water molecules from the bottom to the top. We propose two appliances to reverse this trend, capable of drawing water molecules towards the ground.

The Geomagnetic Polarity Inverter (G.P.I.) and the Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter (E.P.I.) are systems capable of efficiently correcting the source of the problem and not only the effects.


Propose alternative solutions to manage capillary rise

Are you a professional in the treatment of damp, a craftsman or a renovation company? Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, we offer you the opportunity to become a reseller of BFL® Switzerland solutions!

Above all, being a BFL® Switzerland partner means offering ergonomic, economic and efficient alternative solutions to major works. Increase your customers’ satisfaction by expanding your commercial capabilities, increase credibility and improve your reputation, become a leader in the struggle against capillary rise in Switzerland.

The advantages? Choose your Business Model, determine your rates, be free to sell our solutions to suit your objectives. Benefit from the reputation of the network and the reliability of G.P.I.s and E.P.I.s to sell efficiently, providing specific solutions to your customers.

Do you need advice in including this new offer? Our team will assist you in prospecting your customers and with commercial arguments.

Are you interested in our solutions? Do you want to know more about how our network operates? We would be delighted to discuss it with you!